Womens Parkour Classes Starting in NYC


From this week on, at New York City’s new Parkour Gym, The Brooklyn Beast (see here), I will be hosting a Womens Parkour Classes on Thursdays from 8-930 PM.  It is a great opportunity for women of all levels to come out and be introduced to Parkour in a safe and fun way–as well as those well seasoned to get a good workout in and refine their technique.  Every week class content will vary, teaching all the fundamentals of parkour, including proper running technique, jumping, landing, rolling, vaulting, wall runs, tacs, cats, and so on.  We will also cover exercises and methods of training on your own outside of class, as well as the philosophies that are associated with Parkour.

Why a womens class?
Parkour today is still mostly populated by men.  It is important to understand that courses like these do not discourage training with men but provide a more comfortable environment for women to come out and try something new.

What should I bring?
Definitely come with a bottle of water and wear loose comfortable clothes to work out in.  Though bare-foot is increasing in popularity in Parkour, I would still recommend sneakers for your first couple of classes before you decide otherwise.

What if I have other questions?
If you are interested but still unsure, please send your concerns to Cpontrel@syr.edu.

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