2013 Womens Jam Review


Caitlin Pontrella 2013 Womens JamAs many of you know, this past July was the 3rd (inter)national women’s jam in NYC.  We had women from all over the country, and outside of it, come to NYC to train, learn, and grow!  The first day was filled with bar maneuvers at Tompkins and wall runs+plyos at the Brooklyn Museum.  The evening was marked with a chill gym jam session at a local gym, the Gym Park and a bbq provided by The Movement Creative.  The second day was spent in Central Park, focused on natural training and, of course, the Mini-symposium.  We finished up the day with some late afternoon training at Sanctuary–a new york favorite.

We had several wonderful women speak, including Kim Bloize of Ohio, Mandy Lam of Toronto, Brandee of Seattle, and Angelina Carnevale of Connecticut.  A local videographer, Nadia Lesley, was able to interview most of these women the previous night and we will soon have some of those interviews posted (in text form at the very least).

If there is one thing I can recommend to readers, it is that you try to come out to this Jam next year and in the years following.  As most who come to these events would agree, there is nothing quite like training with a group of strong, talented female movers.  You can’t help but leave inspired and more determined in your training after a weekend like this.

I would also like to take this chance to announce that, starting next year, the National Jam will be traveling to different locations around North America year to year.  Next year, with the assistance of Mandy Lam, we will be having the National Womens Jam in Toronto.  In the years following, we could possibly see Seattle, DC, Texas, Montreal, Vancouver… and of course, a return to NYC.  We are hoping that this will allow us to involve women who can’t necessary travel far outside of their local scene, as well as bring greater exposure to our community as a talented force to be reckoned with!

Train hard and see you next year ladies.