BEAUTIFUL: with Luci ‘Steel’ Romberg



BEAUTIFUL is a short film about the beauty of overcoming fear, told through the eyes of stuntwoman and freerunner Luci Romberg.

Luci’s Story

I battled an eating disorder in college, and it came to define me in ways I never expected. I was extremely critical of myself, and I thought that unless I was thin, I didn’t deserve to be happy.
When I met Team Tempest and started freerunning my mind opened and my eyes began to see so much more than traditional beauty. Freerunning gave me the confidence I needed to understand that I am good enough, I am pretty enough, and I have a lot to offer just being myself. A person’s beauty is not defined by how tall, thin, or pretty they are – it is their soul, beliefs, and morals that makes them Beautiful.
My ultimate goal for “Beautiful” is to inspire people in all walks of life to open their eyes to non-traditional beauty. If I can inspire 1 father to accept his son for chasing his dreams or if I can inspire 1 little girl to embrace herself and be proud of her natural beauty then this project will be a success. My hope is to help people to look and think of beauty differently and to overcome their personal insecurities. Who knows, maybe I will be able to open your eyes to a beauty you have never seen and empower you to overcome a fear.

This is a great project and I think every parkour practitioner and freerunner should support this, if only with one dollar. Luci is a fantastic athlete and I believe this short film would be a great inspiration for everyone, especially for females. This is a huge step for female practitioners and Luci is a role model worth all of our support.

- AnnSofie Svensson

To get more information about the project and how to support it go to their Kickstarter page.


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