Gallery and site updates!


A big gallery this month – there are lots of women coming out to train and of course big thanks to the women organizing workshops, or who thought of whipping out a camera to snap some pics, or hey, if you’re not in the gallery because you’re just too awesome to be photographed (the level of awesomeness that blows up cameras!) – then sending lots of love your way and keep up the energy :D

Some of you might have known about the efforts to fund raise for the website over the last 2 years as well as the GPK Shop . The short answer is that (the long answer is here) at the very least, website hosting fees need to be paid and it only increases every year. So last week, you might have noticed that the site “disappeared” for a few days – simple answer is that I’m changing the web host, which is now cheaper but it means that there will be an adjustment period over the next few weeks, when links/pages/images might not work…well, we’ll see :p So please bear with us and check back in a few days :) The GPK shop is still there, because even though I hate cliched pink “parkourparkour” tshirts, I still love my new GPK tshirt :D

At the end of the day, we want to make sure that there’s enough GPK for all the amazing women who want to contribute. The website is shaped by your photos, videos, thoughts, articles, forum posts… I can’t say it enough that the website only exists because of YOU, so you’re welcome anytime to our table, pull up a chair and make yourself feel at home and there will always be space for you.

Have a good month :)

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