USA, San Francisco All-Female Workshop 23 October, UC Berkeley Campus


Date: Saturday 23 October
Time: 1:00pm
Location : Campanile clock tower , UC Berkeley Campus
Cost: Free
Contact: Albert “lethalbeef” Kong, SFParkour Administrator

Ladies! Have you wanted to try parkour only to be discouraged by the overwhelming testosterone? Do you find it upsetting that parkour is a heavily male dominated community? Well here’s your try parkour for the first time in a less macho atmosphere and make a dent in the gender imbalance in parkour.

SFParkour and the Berkeley Parkour Collective are hosting a free, all-female workshop where you and your friends can learn the fundamentals of parkour, focusing less on big moves and more on graceful movement. This 2 hour workshop will be designed to teach parkour with women in mind, emphasizing balance, gracefulness, footwork, progressive training techniques, basic strength conditioning, creativity, and exploration.

We will meet at 1:00PM at the Campanile, the clock tower in the middle of the UC Berkeley campus. Invite your (girl)friends!

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