Our mission


Words from Sharon aka “Sola”

Parkour, though a relatively new discipline, is having a dramatic effect on people’s lives all over the world. It is a discipline that gives us strength, freedom and a deeper understanding of our physical bodies and mental strengths and weaknesses. I believe that many disciplines, including yoga and many martial arts, have the potential to offer us a way to better ourselves both as individuals and as a species. However, no other discipline I know, offers the same level of freedom that parkour does. There is no dogma, no rules, no guru’s, no competition. Each individual is free to explore and develop within there own interpretation of parkour and the art of movement. Historically, this new discipline has been a male dominated pursuit. However, more recently, females are emerging onto the scene, bringing with them a host of new ways of moving and new issues and obstacles in training. This website is designed to bring those ladies together. To form a community where, together, we can celebrate, explore and share all that is unique to the female parkour experience. Best wishes to us all!

Words from the webmaster, Shi.

Currently traceuses make up a minority of the parkour community. At www.girlparkour.com, we are trying to create a place where traceuses can be a part of and contribute to without being made into a spectacle.There are many skilled traceuses out there who inspire and teach other traceuses and we can help you to reach them. We make finding the resources you need easier with photos, video links, event reviews, articles,forums and more to come. There is so much potential out there in traceuses that the world hasn’t even seen yet. Make no mistake, girls are here to stay!


The Girlparkour Philosophy

- Development of women in parkour by highlighting the abilities

of women worldwide

- Encouraging education and discourse of parkour among traceuses

- Promoting healthy and “safe” parkour practise and training

- Creating a community for traceuses

- Providing support for traceuses in the form of information, education and exposure to global events and happenings

- Non-exploitation of women

- Non-objectification of women

- Not glorifying one individual or organisation

If you have helpful feedback, constructive criticism or what you would like to see more of on this website, email us at mail (at) girlparkour (dot) com