By Tania Sanchez “Ixek”. Today sitting here in front of my computer supposedly doing schoolwork, I paused to think about the article that I was writing right before this one...

By Tania Sanchez “Ixek”.

Today sitting here in front of my computer supposedly doing schoolwork, I paused to think about the article that I was writing right before this one and about my training today. During my recent injury I had the opportunity to evaluate many things and to train my mind. Now I realize that the moment has arrived to train my body according to how my mind has worked, according to what I’ve realized that I still need and this is something that I would like to share.

Evolution? When reading this word thousands of ideas can cross our mind, thousands of concepts (human evolution, cultural evolution, stellar evolution, biological evolution, evolution of a disease, etc.). We can define evolution like a gradual development, growth or advance of things or organisms, a change of conduct or attitude and including the development or transformation of the ideas or theories.   But what does this word “evolution” mean to a traceur or a traceuse? I believe that for any traceur or traceuse evolution is a fundament in his or her life and accompanies many others like perseverance and the discipline in training. Each quality helps with the enormous journey of being a traceur or a traceuse and they hold us as the labour is growing, it reminds us of the importance in the strength of fundamental principles.

Any traceur or traceuse strives every day to be stronger and more useful. It is by creating good habits that will help them manage their goals including improved diets and nutrition, to have better goals, to train more conscientiously and so on. But as time passes by we realize that goals become springboards that compel us every day to exceed our physical and mental limits. It is there where we need the perseverance. Until a certain point it is easy to begin doing parkour, the difficult thing is to stay and to evolve. Parkour is not a 100-meter race where the important thing is the explosive speed and to arrive as rapidly as possible at the goal. It is a race where each step that you take is important for the mean, for the goal itself, each meter you pass must be made with strong and safe steps, so that our effort is not spent in the first 100 meters. In harmony as we advance, our route becomes steadier with each step than each step taken before it, drives us in our journey, it must not be a series of isolated steps. Parkour demands more than only concentration or only strength and endurance, parkour also demands determination, discipline, a balance of mental and physical, commitment, tolerance, handling of frustration and evolution.

But now we go to the core of all this: Where is evolution reflected in oneself? In all aspects of your life; as it has often been said; it is important to live, to eat, to sleep and to dream like a traceur. Each training must contribute something to our development; each moment of reflection that we allow ourselves must lead us to a better state than the previous one. Do not say “I have no choice in this” or “it is too difficult for me” and just reduce our analysis to that. The important thing about true evolution is the emphasis in leaving those phrases, in setting ourselves fixed goals, and give us determination to pass an obstacle instead of going around it, no matter how long it will take us to overcome this obstacle or any other, we might be sure we’ll be able to overcome it. To a great number of people, it becomes easy to measure their progress in the meters that they can jump or perhaps the distance they can perform a saut de chat. But can we call that evolution? Perhaps there is progress but if the body, mind and lifestyle that also play a part in some of those things are not advancing at the same rate is difficult to reach a balance that leads us to a true and gradual evolution.

It is extremely important is to know ourselves, to know our goals and not to leave our evolution as a utopian ideal. We can determine goals to short, medium and long term and dare ourselves to fulfil them. We can say “for the following month I will be able to do 15 chin-ups instead of the 10 that I do now” for example. We must make a commitment with ourselves and never with others, to evolve and to grow day to day. Every individual is the best judge of his or her own pace. I guest her is not worth at all when hundreds of people just keep saying how good you are doing everything, if you are not being able to accept the positive and constructive criticism that other (often more experimented) traceurs can provide.

We will certainly question ourselves and sometimes our self-confidence will be affected after receiving feedback from others but this is not everything as sometimes we receive good criticism and at other times few constructive comments. The important thing is the knowledge of where we want to be and how we can arrive there conscientiously through self-reflection. Rarely are we able to say that someone different to ourselves is able to perceive our evolution better since this evolution is reflected in each and every aspects and every second of our life. Evolution is not a luxury that traceurs and traceuses are allowed, it is an obligation and a fundamental part in the long journey of Parkour. Sometimes it is impossible that outsiders can really quantify the evolution of another person in all regards but the important thing is the introspection and the objectivity in self-reflection and to always measure ourselves with respect to same individual – the traceuse that I was a month ago, one week ago or before my last training”

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